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Mocro Brewing Equipment

The local micro brewery is becoming a staple of most cities throughout America and elsewhere. They have gained in popularity due to their unique ability to bring a local flavor to their line of beers, not to mention the many competition quality ales and lagers they produce each year. This increased popularity has resulted in many companies manufacturing micro brewing equipment specifically for these small-scale operations.

Micro brewing equipment is different from most home brewing equipment in both size and capacity. Obviously, a micro brewery is a business, and as such they need to produce a great more quantity than would the average home brewer. Whereas a home brewer might be able to make 5-10 gallons of beer in one batch, micro breweries often produce several hundred gallons of beer, per tank. And many of these breweries utilize several tanks at a time.

As would be expected, due to its size and complexity, micro brewing equipment is exponentially more expensive than a standard home brew kit. It's not unusual for a 500+ gallon capacity system to cost upwards of 60,000 dollars or more, which is a considerable investment for most small business owners. Once installed, however, these systems can produce a significant return on that investment, provided one knows how to create a quality beer.