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Brew Kettle

Anyone that wants to try their hand at beer making will need to invest in a quality brew kettle. This piece of equipment is absolutely essential to the brewing process and is usually sold separately from most starter kits. And while they are all fairly simple in nature, there are variations on the basic theme.

For most amateur brewers, a brew kettle does not need to necessarily have all the proverbial bells and whistles. Truth be told, for most home brew operations all that is needed is a stainless steel stock pot with a five to ten gallon capacity. These pots can always be purchased from a brewing suppler, but they are also widely available through many kitchen supply retailers as well.

Of course, for the more advanced brewer, there are other options available. Many brew kettles are available with additional components such as ball valves and bottoms designed for more efficient heat distribution. It should be noted though that these more advanced kettle designs do tend to be significantly more expensive than a standard stockpot.